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In Indian situation educational inequality due to sex is also very much visible. It is held that political development is largely dependent on education. Now, what is true of this one instance of fibers used in fabrics and, of course, I have only spoken of one or two elementary phases of that is true in its measure of every material used in every occupation, and of the processes employed. In an elite controlled system the schools practise segregation. In the traditional society, teacher was taken to symbolise the best in social values. As a result of the locomotive and telegraph, frequent, rapid, and cheap intercommunication by. To do this means to make each one of our schools an embryonic community life, active with types of occupations that reflect the life of the larger society, and permeated throughout with the spirit of art, history, and science. If you think you should have access to this title, please contact your librarian. The educated parents give due attention to the education of the children. Hence, technical, economic, social, industrial and political orders are to be changed radically. The function of education is to socialise the young by imparting to them norms and values, culture and heritage, and to provide them with skills and placement. In a social system if all the individuals are treated as equal, they get equal opportunities for advancement. There is little order of one sort where things are in process of construction; there is a certain disorder in any busy workshop; there is not silence; persons are not engaged in maintaining certain fixed physical postures; their arms are not folded; they are not holding their books thus and so. Education is a great force in modernisation. Modernisation is the process of transforming the old traditional societies and nations to modernity in the fields of economic, technological, industrial and social advancement. To do the fiber work they must create raw material from cotton and wool, but in so doing they learn a multitude of lessons in history, geography, engineering, and science. Our school methods, and to a very considerable extent our curriculum, are inherited from the period when learning and command of certain symbols, affording as they did the only access to learning, were all-important. He or she is an active agent who has to learn to interpret that environment… Consequently, when considering the effects of the home on educational attainment. The three lectures that comprise the bulk of the and editions were initially given as a fundraising lecture series in support of the Laboratory School.